how to clean bmw wheels

I. Before You List Your Wheels For Sale

Clean your wheels
Potential online buyers interested in your wheels are going to request pictures at some point before they send you money. Being prepared with clear photos of clean wheels makes your job as a seller easier. Your wheels will be more marketable and chances are potential buyers are going to be willing to pay more.

photographing wheel for sale

ii. Take pictures of your cleaned wheels

Wheels are susceptible to many structural and aesthetic flaws not limited to things like: curb rash, cracks, dents, dings, bends and oxidation. With clear pictures you can show the potential buyers the exact condition of the wheels, instead of having to answer 10 emails with the same questions.

selling porsche wheels online

iv. Creating Your Listing

Buyers want to know exactly what they're buying, if the wheels will fit their car & application. The wheel specifications are likely on the back of the wheel or a quick google search will lead you to them. Tell potential buyers why you're selling the wheels; be clear and forthright about any imperfections.

shipping tire without rim

vii. How to Package & Ship Tires

ShipNex now requires all tires to be boxed in its own cardboard box: "Additional handling charges apply to any cylindrical item, such as a barrel, drum, pail, or tire, that is not fully encased in a corrugated cardboard shipping container".

  • Please review the ShipNex "Avoid Charges" page.
  • For help with creating your own cardboard box I have found these websites helpful: a) How to Make a Cardboard Box with 2 Pieces and b) How to Make a Cardboard Box out of Cardboard.
  • Just make sure your boxes are shrink wrapped at all corners and seams, and taped generously.
  • Share with others, avoid high shipping costs from store front retailers & try ShipNex!

  • shipping tire without rim

    ix. Spoiler Alert: ShipNex Testomonials

    ShipNex was the winner in our Shipping Provider Showdown. ShipNex uses a network of shipping providers and receives prices below wholesale. They pass their savings on to their customers at rates 25-40% lower than what store front UPS and FedEx retailers charge.

    Thanks for sharing our DIYs!,,,,,,,,,,,,, & everyone else!