Pros & Cons of Selling on eBay, Craigslist and Car Forums

The Pros & Cons of eBay vs
Craigslist vs Car Forums


The Pros & Cons of Selling on Craigslist


  1. No listing/selling fees
  2. Buyers see exactly what they're buying, all sales are final.
  3. Cash, no setting up of a PayPal account, eBay account nor waiting to transfer funds.
  4. No packaging or shipping required.


  1. Cash sales create opportunities for counterfeiters to exploit the sellers on Craigslist.
  2. Meeting unknown people at your home or place of business could leave you in compromising situation.
  3. If you meet the potential buyer in a public place you have to load the wheels into your car or truck and schedule a time for the potential buyer to look at the wheels.
  4. Craigslist harbors tire kickers, flakes, lowballers & unscrupulous people.
  5. Craigslisters want the absolute rock bottom price- you're going to be giving up the premium you'd see by listing on eBay or a Car Forum.
  6. Limited exposure to just the city you've listed your wheels for sale in.


  1. Before you meet anyone: talk with the person on the phone, Facebook their email address or name, Google their name & if you have any doubts just tell the interested party that you're only available later in the month to show the wheels and you'll give them a call when you're able to show them.
  2. Only meet people during the day time & have another person with you.
  3. Check for counterfeit bills by holding each bill up to a light. A counterfeit pen can easily be duped by spraying hair spray over a piece of paper.

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