How to Ship Wheels and Rims With Tires

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Instructions: How to Ship Wheels with Tires

Shopping List
  1. 2 Medium Size Storage Boxes (Home Depot has these for $.69 each)
  2. 50 Sheets of Dish Foam (Home Depot has a roll for $6.97)
  3. 1000 Feet Stretch Wrap (Home Depot has this for $4.97, 1000ft is the smallest size)
  4. Packing Tape (Home Depot has this for $3.37 for a large roll, you only need 3ft of tape for 4 wheels)
  5. 1 Razor Blade with 3 replaceable blades ($1.98 @ Home Depot)
Supplies for Shipping Wheels with Tires

Step 1
  1. Lay Medium Sized box out flat
  2. Cut Box in Half
Step 2 Shipping Wheels with Tires

Step 2
  1. Open up box after cutting in half
  2. Lay cleaned wheel on top
  3. Cut excess material away
Step 3 Shipping Wheels with Tires

Step 3
  1. Place at least 2 sheets of dish foam on face of wheel
  2. Tape dish foam to tire so it doesn't move around
Step 4 Shipping Wheels with Tires

Step 4
  1. Secure large circular piece of cardboard over dish wrap to the face of the wheel
  2. Cut excess material into partitions that will be used for back of wheel
Step 5 Shipping Wheels with Tires

Step 5
  1. Use packing tape to secure partitions in place
Step 6 Shipping Wheels with Tires

Step 6
  1. Use 100% recyclable packing wrap to wrap the wheels and tires in any motion (Rocking the wheel back and forth works well)
  2. The tighter the packing wrap, the more secure & protected the wheel will be in transit
Step 7 Shipping Wheels with Tires

Step 7
  1. Repeat 4 times
  2. Check out ShipNex Worldwide Express for cost effective shipping rates.
  3. Print shipping labels from ShipNex
  4. Attach to wheels & tires (not pictured)
  5. Request pick up for ~ $6, or take down to local UPS store
Step 8 Shipping Wheels with Tires

Step 8
  1. Share with others, avoid high shipping costs from store front retailers & try ShipNex!
  1. ShipNex can offer the most cost effective solutions to your shipping needs, because of the wholesale rates available and contracts they hold with FedEx & UPS.
  2. ShipNex uses FedEx for Express Shipments & UPS for any Ground Shipments.
  3. When I compared prices to ship a set of wheels & tires (18 x 8.5 w/ 235/35/18 tyres ~210lbs) I was quoted $416 via UPS, $376 via USPS, $308 via FedEx, and $206 via ShipNex to ship from the West Coast to the East Coast.

I hope the instructions above helped you with packaging your wheels or rims with tires

Thanks for sharing our DIYs!,,,,,,,,,,,,, & everyone else!